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A variety of Quebec walnut products

Fine products to enjoy as a snack, as a garnish, or to add to a recipe.

Whole shelled walnuts, plain or seasoned.

Sizes of 50 g, 75 g (and 1 kg for restaurants and processors).

REMINDER : to take full advantage of the flavors, keep nuts in the freezer.

Black walnuts

A distinctive and pronounced taste reminiscent of blue cheese and mushrooms, with a hint of wood. Tender and crunchy at the same time, can be cooked and eaten from starter to dessert. To garnish soups, hot goat cheese and pasta and for a perfect accompaniment to chocolate and cheese.

Butternuts (not available)

A sweet and tender delight with a taste closely related to that of fresh walnut. Ideal for a healthy snack, in salads, desserts and to add a touch of originality to any dish.

Maple butternuts

Butternuts flavored with maple. Velvety and crunchy at the same time. To be enjoyed as a healthy and sweet snack or combined with a salad, yogurt, ice cream, etc.

Seasoned butternuts (not available)

Tender and crunchy at the same time, these nuts are seasoned with barbecue-style spices to add zest to snacks and salads.

Sweet & salty black walnuts

These nuts wonderfully combine two sensory stimuli, sweet and salty for a snack without compromise. An asset for salads and desserts.


A delicious, sweet, black walnut spread that does wonders with croissant and cheese. A pure delight.


A delicious, black walnut and maple spread that does wonders with croissant and cheese. A delectable local product.

Butternut nougat bites

Butternut nougat bites. Soft and just firm enough to bite into. A honey and butternut-based confectionery that is hard to resist.