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Noix cultivées au Québec
Harvesting and artisanal processing of butternuts and black walnuts from Quebec, to be savoured plain, seasoned or carefully prepared.
Carefully selected nuts from the family walnut grove or local orchards using a natural farming approach.
Nuts that require time, patience and love!
Delicious fresh nuts harvested by hand and cracked individually in order to reveal all the flavor.

Walnuts with a great and delicate taste

Black walnuts

A distinctive and pronounced taste reminiscent of blue cheese and mushrooms, with a hint of wood.


A sweet and tender delight with a taste closely related to that of fresh walnut.

Maple butternuts

Butternuts flavored with maple. Velvety and crunchy at the same time.

Seasoned butternuts

Tender and crunchy at the same time, these nuts are seasoned with barbecue-style spices to add zest to snacks and salads.

Sweet & salty black walnuts

These nuts wonderfully combine two sensory stimuli, sweet and salty for a snack without compromise.

Confinoix, black walnut sweet spread

A delicious black walnut sweet spread that does wonders with croissant and cheese.

Butternut nougat bites

Butternut nougat bites. Soft and just firm enough to bite into.