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A daughter’s passion for nut trees inherited from her father!

Jolies Mi-Noix grows and harvests butternuts and black walnuts, planted more than 40 years ago by Monique Dumontier’s father. This visionary man entrusted her with the walnut grove in Berthierville, in the Lanaudiere region.
Dedicated to introducing the exceptional flavor of Quebec nuts

Since 2007, Monique has taken pleasure in introducing these exceptional nuts by transforming them at her Upper Laurentians cracking and preparation center in Ferme-Neuve, near Mont-Laurier. Jolies Mi-Noix walnuts are freshly cracked, which contributes to the huge difference in taste.

Respecting the living and the environment
Agronomist by profession, Monique takes the preservation of the ecosystem to heart. All Jolies Mi-Noix nuts come from the family walnut grove and local orchards that practise a natural farming approach.
Nut cracking service
A nut cracking service is offered to ecological producers of nuts who meet the quality requirements of Jolies Mi-Noix.